We are absolutely delighted we have now joined the above project headed by Professor Hashim U Ahmed at Imperial College.

The programme aims to offer a fast-track prostate cancer diagnostic pathway using high quality MRI scanning techniques. It has so far achieved very encouraging results with a 40 to 50% reduction in the need for biopsy following a raised PSA score.

Moreover, where biopsies are required, they take the form of the much safer transperineal version which considerably reduces the less welcome side effects.

Men will have to ask to be referred onto the programme by their GP under the NHS “choose and book” facility but it is understood there is very widespread support for this new solution from GPs across the Country.

All men receiving “Red” letters in future will be given full details on how to apply to be put on the programme and will receive all the help we and the team at Imperial College can give them.

For more information on how the programme works click here or watch the video below…

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