Good morning.

Thanks for the reminder. Following my last PSA test (which came back as a 4), my GP was reluctant to refer me at first as I hadn’t had the test through them and had no history of prostrate cancer. I wasn’t seen by my GP but when I persisted, I was referred to my local urology unit. They acted very quickly and sent me for further tests, eventually ending up been diagnosed with stage 3 prostrate cancer in May.

I had a robotic Prostatectomy in August last year.

During the various tests the urology unit picked up I also had stage 2 kidney cancer in my left kidney. I underwent a partial Nephrectomy on New Years eve.

I am now cancer free!

I’d like to pass on my sincere gratitude to your team and the work that you do. Without it my life span and quality of life would be greatly reduced.

Kind regards,

Steve Hicks Estimator


18th March 2022


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